Environmentalists Push for Surcharge or Ban on Plastic Bags

Plastic bags seem to be flying around all over town, but soon City Council will be looking at its options on what to do about them.

Environmental groups would like to see them done away with completely.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is holding an Ideas Week, and one of those events took place at the Garcia Arts Center on Agnes. It was an environmental forum where various organizations showed up to explain their position on issues and to hear from people about possible solutions.

The plastic bag topic came up because there is still a real push from environmentalists to try and curb their use around town. Some want an added surcharge for people who use the bags, while others are calling for a total ban.

City staff is working on giving City Council options to consider in dealing with the problem. Those include a ban, the surcharge and finally an education campaign.

"Plastic bags continue to be a nuisance. Anybody can tell you," Clean City Coordinator Angela Rowe said. "You're driving down the road, they're in our trees, they're in our roadway, and what's sadder is those are just the plastic bags you can see."

The plastic bag issue will go before City Council on Oct. 23.

The bags are such a problem, the City is urging everyone to take them to a store that recycles them. That is because the bags you place in your blue recycle bin at home are clogging up the machines at the city's processing plant.

Most grocery stores have a recycle bin for you to put your bags in. Those same stores are supposed to be giving their feedback to the City soon on the issue of what to do about the plastic bag problem.


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