Experts Meet to Discuss Fish Populations in Gulf of Mexico

Some of the foremost experts from around the Gulf region have been meeting at the Harte Research Institute at the Island University to talk about a 'red' fish list.

The researchers are talking about some 400 species of gulf fish that need to be further researched to ensure their future survival.

The BP oil spill from a couple of summers ago really attracted a lot of those scientists' concerns about the gulf habitat. That is why they are meeting to talk about fish like the goliath grouper, which is found throughout the gulf. The scientists are also discussing the red snapper and tarpon, two very popular sport fishes that are seeing a decline in numbers.

Everyone at the meeting is a part of a group called the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

"What we're trying to do is understand specifically whether or not there is a more or less chance of extinction for these species within the gulf, and particularly in light of potential disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon," said Dr. Kent Carpenter of Old Dominion University.

The scientific think tank is going to wrap up its discussions Friday, and in the near future, they hope to act on their ideas.


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