Facebook Drug Sales Continue Despite Best Efforts by Police

Local parents are up in arms over a Facebook page selling illegal drugs of all types, that can even be delivered to the buyer's home.

Detectives in the Corpus Christi Police Department narcotics division said they are much aware of the website, and know exactly who is doing the posting and what they are selling. Undercover officers have even made buys from many of the posters.

The problem is, there aren't enough investigators to tackle each and every one of them.

"I could make a complaint to Facebook and these sites could come down immediately, but then we'd lose track of these individuals," CCPD Captain David Cook said.

Cook said his department tracks all of the posts on several Facebook pages purportedly selling illegal drugs -- everything from synthetic marijuana to the real thing, prescription drugs to methamphetamine, cocaine or even heroin; and by the looks of some of the posts on the page, the people who are doing the posting watch out for each other.

One man sent out a warning, posting "Giving everyone a heads up on here. Word is they're going to start paying snitches to buy stuff from ya'll and saving it as evidence."

The parents of a local teen told 3News that their son was a frequent customer and they never knew it, but there were subtle hints.

"He woke up with his lip purple-ish," the parent said. "And I said, 'What happened? Who hit you?' He played it off. He washed his mouth and then was eating chocolate ice cream to cover it up."

They're illegal drugs delivered right to your doorstep, according many of the posters.

"I have guys that work for me that have alias Facebook accounts, and we do," Cook said. "We make cases. We made a case last week off of one of those sites."

Cook said if he had more investigators -- five-10 more -- he could dedicate them to working Internet drug sales.

"That's no fault of mine. That's no fault of the chief of police," Cook said. "It's just a reality of money and having the money for additional resources."

The veteran police captain is amazed that sites such as this are flourishing, and does not know why they are allowed to continue in operation.

"It amazes me that these sites are on Facebook and somebody from that company, this multibillion-dollar company, isn't monitoring what is going on and doesn't see this themselves," Cook said. "And if they say they don't see it, then obviously they don't care."


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