Family Leaves Housing Project After Being Burglarized Three Times

A woman and her family who were living at La Armada, a public housing complex on the city's westside, said they have had enough. They have moved out after their home was burglarized three times in less than a week.

While police say crime in the housing project itself has been relatively low, they say the surrounding neighborhood is a different story -- there have at least 10 crimes in just two weeks.

According to, that includes six breaking and entering reports, two thefts and two assaults.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live from the housing projects on Ayers Street with the details.

The woman declined to be identified, but she said her home was hit three times in five days.

"I was hurt," she said. "We worked so hard for our stuff, and for someone to come in and just take what we worked so hard for."

She came home one day to find that she was a burglary victim.

"I had some stuff in my hands. I put them down, and when I put them down, my daughter walks in and says, 'Mom, the TV's gone."

It didn't end there. A few days later, she and her daughter arrived back home in the La Armada housing project off Ayers and Roosevelt, and her door was wide open. She said she was burglarized again, and it happened the very next day as well. That's when she and her family decided to move out.

"We also hire off-duty police officers anywhere between 16-24 hours a week, rotating shifts and rotating hours, so that nobody knows exactly when they're going to be around," said Gary Allsup, director of the Corpus Christi Housing Authority.

Other project residents say they are afraid too.

"I hear about a lot of things, people breaking into cars and stuff like that, but nothing's happened to me yet," another La Armada resident said.

Police perform roving patrols through the area, but for this burglary victim who has moved out of her house in the projects, it's not enough.

Some good news is that the family won a new TV at a school raffle. If you would like to help the family out, you can contact the Holy Family Catholic Church.


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