Farmers, Ranchers Delighted with Recent Rains in Coastal Bend

As you might imagine, farmers and cattle ranchers are very happy with the recent rains that have fallen in the Coastal Bend. They're calling it a blessing.

This past year has been tough, so farmers and ranchers are very pleased with the recent rainfall, saying it puts them in a good position for next year.

"We've gone through a long, hot summer. The rains that we've had now give us the grass that these cows need to calve, and to have a good milk supply for the baby calves," said Bobby Nedbalek, a farmer and rancher in San Patricio County. "So the cattle business is all smiles now."

"This rainfall should set us up to have the ability to, once we get plants up next year, they can search down and find some moisture that wasn't available this past year," said Bobby McCool, San Patricio County's Extension Agent.

The moisture was actually visible Tuesday in the grain sorghum fields in San Patricio County. It's something you don't see too often lately. Before the recent rains, what farmers call the soil moisture profile was basically depleted for several feet down; but now, with the rainfall the county has received, it's restoring and replenishing the soil.

Farmers over at the Back Street Café in Sinton Tuesday shared the optimism.

"It's great. It fell just the way it ought to fall," cattle rancher Hughes Thomas said. "I'd like to see some runoff rain though. We haven't had any of that."

"Always, we'd like to have a little more," farmer Donald Houser said. "It's been short for a long time, and we think we've got a good start, and we're optimistic that it will continue to improve for the next few months until planting season."

Incidentally, the folks at Back Street Café said the place is a favorite of Sheriff Leroy Moody's, who is currently in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. In fact, a Lions Club meeting scheduled for Tuesday was canceled for that reason.

Everyone at the café is rooting and praying for the sheriff.


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