Father Speaks Out About Bullying Incident at Kaffie Middle School

A Kaffie Middle School father says he watched a bully grab his son and throw him around on the grounds of the school on Friday, and now he is mad that the bully is still in school.

"My dad and his friends are helping me, but no one at the school cares," student Ben Vega IV said. "None of my principals."

Ben, a Kaffie Middle School sixth grader, was trying to leave school when his dad says he saw a student, twice his son's size, hit him on the back of the leg and then grab his backpack, picking the sixth-grader up and throwing him around like a rag doll.

"I'm here to stop this now. I'm here to tell everybody in Corpus Christi, ask your kid if they're being bullied. Get involved. Ask questions," father Ben Vega III said. "If your kid is being bulled, get to that principal's office like I plan on being once a week to find out what's going on with that kid that's bullying my son."

Vega was shocked to find that the bully who had thrown his son around at Kaffie on Friday was back in school on Monday, so he took his son home. The boy returned to class on Tuesday, but Vega said his son doesn't want to go to school.

"That is not fair, for a parent not to know what's happening with the other person, because apparently the other kid was back in school on Monday," Vega said. "And my kid hiding in the corner, walking down the hallway because he doesn't want to bump into this kid, and no one did anything about this."

However, school officials say they did take action.

"We do take bullying very seriously here at Kaffie Middle School, and we encourage parents and students to report bullying on our bullying reports system," Kaffie Principal Patti Heiland said. "This particular incident, I will say, has been handled according to board policy."

"We as parents have a son that was victimized, and we can't find out the person who committed the assault," Vega said. "What's going to happen to him? Is he going to get suspended? Is he going to go to SLGC? I got the impression that CCISD does not care about bullies. I get a feeling they ignore this."

The district says any parent or student who knows about a bullying incident can go to the CCISD website and easily report the incident. There are also other resources to help families deal with the continuing problem.


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