Five-Year Old Saves Mom After Seizure in the Pool

An amazing rescue -- a five-year old girl saved her mother after she lost consciousness in the family swimming pool. It was all caught on surveillance camera.

Kiii News Reporter Briana Whitney spoke with the family and came back with the details.

The family was swimming at a relative's pool near Portland, a place they go swim often. That was when the mother went unconcious and her daughter jumped into action.

Tracy Anderwald and her five-year old daughter Allison capped off their spring break last Friday with a pool day, Allison's favorite activity. Allison has been swimming since she was two and a half years old, but never has she had to play the role of lifeguard.

"I don't know what happened but I went into a seizure and whenever I did, I dropped to the bottom of the pool and went completely unconscious," Anderwald said.

Tracy was underwater for five minutes when Allison knew her mom was in trouble. You can see on surveillance footage little Allison diving into the water to pull her mom to the shallow end and get her head out of the water, then going to get her aunt for help.

Doctors do not know why Tracy had a seizure, but had she been underwater for just a minute longer she would not have survived.

As for Tracy and Allison, they are looking forward to finally leaving the hospital and going home, mom calling daughter her tiny hero.


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