Food Bank of Corpus Christi Reaching Out for Volunteers

The Food Bank of Corpus Christi has plenty of food right now, but they are in need of volunteers to help process and pack the food for distribution to the 11 counties they serve.

"After the holidays, we all have been so involved in giving and helping one another, and at this time of the year we all get back into our lives," said Bea Hanson, Executive Director of the Food Bank. "So that's what I'm kind of coming out and saying -- please remember that we are still in need, and if you have the time, come and give us a hand."

Some of that food that needs to be processed is still left over from the Share Your Christmas Food Drive in December, a time when the community gets into the holiday spirit and really steps up to help the Food Bank meet the needs of those they serve.

"We have been blessed this year. We have plenty of food, and all this food is just sitting around here, waiting to be packed and inspected so that we can distribute it," Hanson said. "We are very, very short of hands. We don't have enough volunteers. So I am pleading for groups, whether it's from banks, from oil companies, from school kids, church groups -- anybody that has the time and the energy to give us a push. We really, really are getting behind, and we need to get all that food out of here."

You can volunteer at any time. The Food Bank will accommodate you. They are open Monday through Friday, and will even stay open past 5 p.m. for people who work and can't show up to volunteer earlier. They will also stay open on Saturdays if it means giving a chance for volunteers to help out.

"You know, volunteers can come for one hour, for two hours. Especially where there is a large group, we get a lot accomplished in a couple of hours," Hanson said.

Every box and can of food that goes into the Food Bank has to have its barcode marked through and be thoroughly inspected before it can be boxed and distributed. Hanson said it's labor intensive, but volunteers usually have a lot of fun.

"Children really enjoy it, as well as adults," Hanson said. "This is fun. It really is fun, and it is a good thing to do. It makes you feel good. When you get done, you know that you have made a difference."

With enough volunteers, the Food Bank estimates they could probably process all the food that needs to be distributed in about five days.

The Food Bank of Corpus Christi is located at 826 Krill Street. You can call them at 361-887-6291.


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