Former Alice Police Chief Speaks Out About Resignation

The City of Alice canceled a press conference scheduled for Wednesday morning in which former Police Chief Randy Weems was to address his unexpected resignation, but he showed up anyway.

Weems met with media on the sidewalk outside of Alice Public Safety Training Center to explain his resignation, which he said was a long time coming. He said that ever since former City Manager Ray De Los Santos, Jr., was fired, he began planning an exit strategy. He moved his family to Arizona and put his house up for sale.

The police chief submitted his official letter of resignation to Alice Mayor Larry Martinez just after 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. He was going to continue serving as police chief until June 1, but Alice's interim city manager later notified Weems that his resignation would be accelerated and would be effective immediately -- a decision that Weems said is politically motivated and unprofessional.

According to Weems, the reason for Assistant City Manager De Los Santos' termination was never released, but it immediately followed an investigation that was initiated in Weems' office -- an investigation that Weems could not say much about, other than that it is internal, involves someone on his command staff and could result in criminal charges.

"I guess he's making reference to because of that investigation, I accelerated his resignation. No, that was not the case," said Hector Hinojosa, interim city manager of Alice. "It's still in that role. It's being investigated. We have not gotten a final draft on that. I mean, we probably would have gotten it this week, had we not had his resignation."

Weems said he knew that once the investigation came to a close, that he would be terminated for no reason if he wasn't' terminated at his own will.

"I was accused of different things that made me uncomfortable; that were totally unprofessional, that were totally unfounded," Weems said. "And it was like they were looking for something."

Weems added that his accelerated resignation would have a significant impact on the investigation that he initiated. As for questions involving the nature of the investigation, he told the media they should be asking City officials, as well as questions regarding the reasons for Weems' accelerated resignation.

Weems also spoke of his accomplishments as the Alice police chief. Back in 2012, before he took the job, there were 10 murders, many of them gang related. Since August of 2012, there haven't been any murders in the city, and the crime rate has been significantly reduced.

"I felt I was doing a great job, and I'm sorry to be leaving in these circumstances," Weems said.

After taking the job as Alice police chief on Feb. 18, 2013, Weems made it his top priority to address gang problems. Before serving in Alice, he was chief deputy in the Navajo County Sheriff's Office in Arizona.

The now former police chief said that he intends to do consulting work in Arizona and spend more time with his family, and even plans on coaching baseball in Arizona.


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