Former Alice Police Officer Found Guilty of Capital Murder

The 44-year old former Alice police officer on trial for shooting his wife to death will be going to prison for life.

It took a jury less than 30 minutes to find Jose Gonzalez guilty of capital murder.

The jury's decision was quick, indicative of this capital murder trial which took three days to try and convict; swift justice for a former lawman who, on the stand Thursday, said he couldn't remember everything that happened that day.

"I wasn't trying to hurt anyone to start off with," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez was charged with shooting his 31-one year old wife six times after breaking into her parents' home. The combined crimes, the breaking and entering then killing his wife, was what made this a capital murder case.

On the stand, Gonzalez told what he remembered of the incident.

"You did in fact cause the death of Leslie Morin?" asked the prosecutor.

"That's what the evidence shows," Gonzalez replied.

"By shooting her with a firearm?"

"That's that the evidence shows," Gonzalez said.

It wasn't made public whether Gonzalez would take the stand, but once he did, Gonzalez then became open to cross examination by prosecutors.

"Well the reason you shot her was because she had cheated, right?" asked the prosecutor.


In his defense, Gonzalez testified about the Facebook messages his wife was exchanging with other men that also included pictures.

While Gonzalez was found guilty of both counts, capital murder and burglary, the jury decided late in the afternoon that Gonzalez should also serve life in prison for breaking into Morin's parents' home that December day one year ago. Gonzalez now has 30 days to appeal Thursday's verdict.


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