Former Taft Officer Sentenced for Sexual Assault of a Child

A former Taft Police officer is on his way to prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault of a child.

The victim's family said their 16-year old daughter trusted a man, who they say turned out to be a dirty cop.

Cameras weren't allowed into the San Patricio County Courthouse where the former Taft police officer Armando Padilla and his wife were sentenced Friday. We were able to talk to Padilla before he was whisked off to prison. He told our cameras that he regrets the decisions he has made.

Armando Padilla, 24, was lead out of the San Patricio County Courthouse in handcuffs after a judge sentenced him to five years in prison. He will also be forced to register as a child sex offender and pay restitution.

In the meantime, his wife, Angela Padilla, was found guilty of attempted sexual assault of a child and will spend 60 days in jail. She will have to serve community service, must register as a sex offender and pay restitution.

This all stemming from a incident in May 2011, when Padilla, who was a Taft police officer at the time, was accused of raping a 16-year old girl.

His wife, Angela Padilla was pregnant at the time. The victim's parent's tell us what lead up to the crime.

"She had told me she was in labor. She asked if she could take my daughter from school, so she could be with her when she had the baby, and agreed, and I went and let her take her out of school. Her husband went to school, pulled her out of school. Thought they took her to hospital with them, they took her home with them instead and that's when they raped her," says the victims mother Patty Alaniz.

"I feel, there is no win-win situation. He got a short time, compared to my daughters lifetime agony. She, she has to live with this, for the rest of her life," says the victim's father Val Alaniz.

The victim's family told us their daughter now feels like she can't trust anyone and she suffers from nightmares.

It took the judge only about 45 minutes to hand down his sentence Friday.



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