Freer Police Arrest Man Suspected of Robbing Stores with a BB Gun

The small town of Freer in Duval County was victimized by a couple of aggravated robberies over the weekend, and it turns out the suspect was using a BB gun.

The robberies happened to a couple of gas station convenience stores around the same time late Friday and Saturday night. Police said 22 year-old Felix Amador Villarreal committed the aggravated robberies while holding a BB gun for intimidation. The clerks of the stores thought it was a real gun.

Now, Villarreal is accused of taking $400 from the Conoco Pump-N-Shop store and $50 from the Valero corner store in Freer.

Police were able to recover roughly $274 of those dollars. They also found the sweatshirt and ball cap Villarreal allegedly wore during one of the robberies.

The robberies, which happened around midnight on Friday and Saturday, had the community on edge, but now they can breath a sigh of relief.

"When the first robbery happened, news got around pretty quick. It is a small town, so news does travel rather quickly. A lot of local residents, especially the convenience store clerks, were kind of concerned and worried about what was happening," said Detective Henry Guerra of the Freer Police Department. "we were getting calls throughout the weekend, wondering if the suspect was still at large or if he had been apprehended yet."

Police arrested Villarreal around 3 p.m. Sunday. He faces two counts of aggravated robbery with bond set at $200,000 on each count. Police said Villarreal is from Laredo but he has been living in Freer for about a year.


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