Gun Retailers Experiencing Short Supply of Ammunition

Gun shops are busy places these days, as people are buying up weapons and cleaning out the stores' supply of ammunition.

At Nichols Pharmacy and Guns, there are actually plenty of weapons, including assault-style rifles, for sale; but there are very few bullets for gun owners to purchase.

It is a nationwide problem spurred on by uncertainty over possible government action concerning new controls on weapons and ammunition.

"I think people are hoarding it," said Bobby Nichols of Nichols Westwood Pharmacy and Nichols Guns. "I know the government has a contract, and they're getting like 1.7 billion rounds, and it's making it tough; and private individuals are buying it up as fast as they can."

Nichols Pharmacy has been around for 52 years. Just before Christmas, the owner decided to sell guns as well. Since that change, business has been booming, and Nichols is set to put in a shooting range soon.


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