Halloween Decorations Stolen from Annaville Family

A Halloween has turned out to be a real bust for one Annaville family, after a thief stole all of their yard decorations Saturday morning.

Brian Bomarito's yard full of Halloween decorations were stolen. Some $500 worth of spooky fun were taken from the yard in front of Brian Bomarito's trailer home in the 4200 block of Violet Road. His grandchildren said this holiday has now been ruined for their family.

"It kind of ruined the whole meaning of Halloween," Midajah Ingram said. "How you go trick or treating and you decorate and dress up."

"They should just turn themselves in, or at least feel a little bit guilty about doing it," Austin Avalos said.

The kids said they heard some noise around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, but never looked out to see what was going on. If they had, they would have seen the family's prized holiday possessions being loaded up and driven away.

"I was just hoping that, if it was some kids and their parents would see or know that their kids took them, and they would just bring them back and leave them you know," Bomarito said. "My family works hard to get this stuff, and it's pretty low to take somebody's stuff."

The family said they have contacted police, but have little hope of the thief being caught. They also said they don't think they will put any Christmas decorations out in their yard either.

If the crooks are ever caught, they could face felony theft charges.


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