Hamlin Middle School Warns of Stranger Danger in the Area

Reports this week of a stranger asking students at Hamlin Middle School if they need a ride is raising concerns for parents.

The incidents have marred the first week of school for the Corpus Christi Independent School District. Parents said it happened specifically on Monday and Tuesday, and involved sixth- and seventh-grade girls.

Both incidents happened after school and away from school property, but both descriptions of the men are similar. A letter went out to parents on Thursday describing what happened to a seventh-grade girl as she got off her bus on Tuesday afternoon.

Hamlin Principal Russel Whitehead repeated what he was told by the girl's parents.

"As she was exiting the school bus and she was walking, an older gentleman asked her if she was lost," Whitehead said. "She didn't respond, and he asked her if she wanted some directions from his granddaughter, that his granddaughter was in the house and offered to give her directions; and she showed good judgement at that point and turned around and walked the other way."

In the first incident on Monday, a man approached a seventh-grader and asked if she wanted to get into his car. In both cases, the stranger was described only as a short, older Hispanic male.

Whitehead said the entire school system stresses awareness and immediate reporting in case of stranger danger.


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