Hero of Major Accident in George West Gives First-Hand Account

The man who witnessed an 11-vehicle accident in George West over the weekend that injured 19 people gave a first-hand account of what he saw that day.

Not only did he see what was going on, but he immediately sprang into action to help rescue people from the wreckage.

The George West Police Chief said local resident Steven Rosenbaum is a hero for what he did. After first running to the police officer laying on the ground to encourage him and let him know help was on the way, Rosenbaum looked up and saw that a truck was on fire, so he ran to the vehicle, opened the door and said there was a bunch of smoke inside the cab.

"Just tried to pull him out," Rosenbaum said. "Tried to pull him out, but he was kind of stuck because of the seat belt was wrapped around him, and his body was kind of laying in the back and his legs were caught up in the front, so I went in there and, as I'm doing this, the smoke's filling the cab. I pressed the button for the seat belt and end up pulling him out, dragging him out of the vehicle."

After pulling that man to safety, Rosenbaum ran to the RV that started the whole accident to see if anyone else needed help. He said the driver told him the brakes had gone out, and Rosenbaum asked if anyone else was in the vehicle. The driver said his wife.

"So I searched the vehicle and went back and forth looking for his wife, and we ended up seeing his wife laying in the road over here," Rosenbaum said. "I guess the bus had spit her out over here and we went and just picked her up because it was really hot that day. We didn't want her laying on the road."

Rosenbaum helped bring the woman to the shade.

The whole thing took place Saturday afternoon around 3 p.m., at the corner of Nueces and Houston streets on Highway 281, Business 59. Rosenbaum was on his way home after working out at a local gym when he saw the RV behind him driving fast. He said the RV must have been going at least 80 miles per hour when it passed him, and then hit a police car, causing a major multi-car collision. The light was red at that intersection at the time of the accident.

Of the 19 victims, police said there are two people that remain hospitalized. The 48-year old man who was driving the truck that caught fire is in ICU in San Antonio, and the 70-year old woman who was thrown from the RV is in ICU in Corpus Christi.


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