Heroic EMTs Save Life of Kingsville Girl

Now to the story of a young girl in Kingsville whose life was saved by some fast working paramedics. The young girl choked on a cherry tomato, and then blacked out. For a time, things did not look good, but the EMTs came to the rescue and did what they do. That was on Saturday. On Friday in Kingsville the girl's young family thanked the emergency responders for saving their daughter's life.

The girl whose life was saved is 11 years old and her name is Destiny, and as fate would have it, while she had a close call and almost left this world after choking on that tomato, it was not her destiny to leave just yet...thanks to the heroic work of some local EMTs.

Young Destiny is full of joy, laughter, and life. By the looks of things, you'd never know she had a brush with death less than a week ago, and all because of a cherry tomato.

Destiny Rios tells 3 News, "it was like that big and a little bit wide, it was stuck right here, I couldn't talk. It was hard."

While choking, Destiny motioned for help, but she could not breath. All she remembers is her family calling 911 before she blacked out. Destiny's father performed the Heimlich maneuver, but that did not work. Destiny went limp. The situation was looking bleak, but EMTs arrived just in time, and were able to use their tools to remove the cherry tomato that was lodged in Destiny's throat.

Destiny's father, Luis Rios, tells 3 News, "within about 10-15 seconds from her face being blue and her eyes kind of like fixed, you saw movements in her eyes to where she was coming back and they were giving her oxygen and at that point I knew she was going to be alright."

The EMTs say paramedic John Torres took the lead on the rescue mission. Torres has been a paramedic for 10 years, but he says he's never faced this kind of a situation before, but in the moment of truth, when it mattered, all that training kicked in and he and his team came through, and saved the day in this life or death situation.

Kingsville Paramedic John Torres tells 3 News it was like time slowed down during those tense moments, "it seems like we were there forever, you know, everything's like when you have a dream, you're trying to move and everything's like real slow, but then of course we look back at our log times and it's like wow, it was over and done with in a few minutes."

That fragile and precious thing we call life seemed to ready to escape from this little girl's body, and all too soon, but thanks to some real life heroes, doing the work of angels, Destiny is still with us.


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