'Heroic' Mission Rescues Desperate Yazidis from ISIS

(CNN) - The Iraqi Air Force and fighters with the Kurdish Peshmerga carried out a dramatic rescue mission Monday at Mount Sinjar, bringing supplies to desperate Yazidis and bringing some on board to make it safely out.

A CNN crew was on the flight that took baby diapers, milk, water, and food to the site where thousands of people have been driven by ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State.

CNN's Ivan Watson, who was on the chopper, described the mission as "heroic."

Teams hurled out bags and boxes of food from as high as 50 feet before approaching the ground. Once the chopper landed, some of the trapped families rushed the helicopter. Soon, numerous people -- including babies and elderly people -- were packed into the flight.

As it took off, evacuating the sobbing, hungry people, fighters on board had to open fire at the ground in order to make it safely away from ISIS.

"They flew in shooting; they flew out shooting," Watson reported.

"There was not a dry eye on the aircraft."


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