Historic First Methodist Church in Robstown Up for Auction

The First United Methodist Church, a piece of Robstown history, is for sale now that the longtime church is calling it quits.

The pastor of the church says the congregation's hope and prayer is that the historic structure will continue to be a blessing to the community, even if it's used in a different way.

It's a beautiful building that has had a long run, but the congregation it has served is now down to nine members, and according to their pastor, those members say the building is simply too much for them to maintain.

The church was built in 1924 for between $85,000-$89,000. For many decades, the church flourished and ministered to many people, but in recent years, the numbers started to decline, and over the last year the congregation decided that they were unable to keep up with the cost of keeping such a big ship afloat, as the pastor put it. So, the congregation has decided to auction off the church and all of its contents, including sanctuary furnishings, chairs, pews, the organ, lectern, desks and pictures.

The pastor said the church was a blessing to the ministry for more than 90 years, and they felt like it would not be good stewardship of the gift they had been given if they just let the building deteriorate.

"It's a grand old ship of Zion that takes a big crew to keep it going, so they started praying about what God was calling them to do, and they came to the decision after several months of prayer that they needed to hand it over to God," Reverend Vanessa LeVine said.

"The building is going to be looked at as what can they use it for," said Danny Jennings of ELCO Auctions. "It's primary and best purpose is a church, okay, but it's very likely that an investor will not look at it as a church but more as a -- they may reconstruct it into an office building, they could become an event center, all kinds of things like that."

The auction will take place on Saturday, April 5. For more information, click here.


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