Hit and Run Victim's Mother Reacts to Suspect's Arrest Affidavit

Disgust, sadness and anger were just some of the emotional reactions coming from the mother of 17-year old Christian Carrillo after reading the arrest affidavit of the man accused of hitting her son.

Carrillo's mother, Misty Taylor sat down with Kiii News Reporter Rudy Trevino to look over the three-page document that outlines what led police investigators to arrest Eric Acevedo on Wednesday.

The document outlines what police know happened since the crash in the early morning hours of March 3. On March 5, it states that Acevedo admitted to a co-worker "that he had struck the pedestrian that was walking on Ayers."

That coworker at the Corpus Christi Army Depot then reported it to his boss, adding that "Acevedo wanted to get it off his chest."

"I have no pity for this man," Taylor said. "If he wanted to get it off his chest, he would have stopped. He would have stopped and rendered aid to Chris. Do I feel he feels bad about it? Maybe, but I don't have pity for him."

The document then states that a day later Acevedo, with lawyer in tow, showed up at the police department admitting he owned a maroon Toyota Tacoma. That same day, investigators confirmed there was "damage to the front end just to the right of center, consistent with the damage sustained as a result with a collision with a pedestrian."

Then, on Tuesday, a witness told police that Acevedo told him he had been involved "in a fender bender."

"A fender bender? That's what he told somebody?" Taylor said. "Run over a human being and do that much damage to a truck, and then tell somebody that it's a fender bender?"

Acevedo was at a nightclub Saturday night, telling friends, according to the witness, that he was going to "eat at the Whataburger at Ayers and SPID," a block from where Christian Carrillo had just left work at CiCi's Pizza and was heading home.

The same witness is then quoted saying that Acevedo "first stated he hit something," then that "he hit a person and he was wearing all black and black hooded," and admitting that "he panicked and took off."

"So he left a bar, went to go eat, but ran over Chris? Ugh," Taylor said. "He's a coward. He's a coward."

The arrest affidavit sums up the incident stating that "Eric Acevedo was driving the maroon 2006 Toyota Tacoma," struck Christian Carrillo and did not stop to render aid.

"We understand accidents happen, and it would have been completely different if he would have stopped to helped him," Taylor said. "Maybe his condition wouldn't be so bad right now, and we would have understood.'

Instead, Taylor and the rest of her family plan to be in court on Monday when Eric Acevedo will ask a judge to lower his $1 million bond, for nothing more than just to look at him.


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