How the Government Shutdown Impacts the Coastal Bend

At the stroke of midnight, Oct. 1, the U.S. Government officially shutdown, and Republicans and Democrats remained at an impasse Tuesday as to what to do next.

The biggest impact locally may be at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi. A union official  said that as many as 300 civilian personnel may have been given furlough notices Tuesday morning.

Members of the American Federation of Government Employees rallied outside the gates at NAS-CC to show support for all furloughed workers.

"AFGE has taken the stand that this is not a shut down. This is a lockout," AFGE President Joe Gonzalez said. "Our federal employees want to come to work. They want to service our customers, but people up in Congress need to get their stuff together."

Because of different commands at the base, there was no way to determine the exact number of federal employees affected. While Training Wing 4 is not flying, all operations at the Corpus Christi Army Depot continue unaffected by the shutdown.

Captain Dave Edgecomb, commander of NAS-CC, said all support services at the base remain available to personnel that have been placed on indefinite furlough.

At Naval Air Station-Kingsville, all planes are grounded until the shutdown is over, but the head of the base said that does not mean everyone is just sitting around wasting time.

"They're military. They're coming to work. We're taking advantage of the time. We're not sitting around," Captain Christopher Misner said. "We're doing training, conducting meetings, those kinds of things that we can do outside of the cockpit. Classroom sessions. Making the most valuable use of our time."

Captain Misner said military and safety personnel are at work, but everyone else was sent home and will not return to work until the shutdown is over. He added that he feels for his employees, especially those who are coming out of recent furloughs.

However, he said the base will continue to operate during the shutdown for as long as it can.

While some base employees have been furloughed, very little else has been affected as far as government services in the Coastal Bend

All national parks are closed, including the National Seashore, but there is no impact on the federal courts, the U.S. Coast Guard, air traffic controllers or the Transportation Security Administration at the airport.

The passport office in the main post office is still open, and operations at the Port of Corpus Christi are the same as usual. Department of Homeland Security operations are also unchanged.

There is also no immediate impact at either Del Mar College or Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.


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