It's Time Texas: Aug. 8, 2012

Getting ready to return to school does not have to be a drag for students. In this week's edition of It's Time Texas, find out the academic benefits of getting your kids active.

Future Olympians take to the courts daily at the Corpus Christi Athletic Club. Little do the elementary students know, but they are exercising their brains too, preparing for school.

"They are here to learn how to play activities and sports, so when they go back to school with a skill, they go back to school being ready to learn," said Adrienne Champine, instructor of the Summer Kid's Club program at the Athletic Club.

As a mother of five, Champine understands the importance of kids being kids.

"Kids in the olden days used to go out and climb trees and were active all day long," she said. "You couldn't even enter the house until it was five o'clock."

Champine and most parents the world over know something modern science heavily supports: healthy, organized, physical activity translates to better grades and attention in the classroom.

Friendly competition like basketball, bunny hops or scooter races help students learn to share, process their environment and, most importantly, have fun.

If you are a parent having trouble starting your child on the path to physical activity, Champine said to look to yourself.

"Take them outside," she said. "Take them swimming. Be active yourself. Your kids are going to do whatever it is that you do."


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