It's Time Texas: Boot Camp-style Cross Training

With the holidays approaching, keeping the weight off is going to be a battle, and since going through boot camp is out of the question, one local gym has something that comes in a close second.

It's a new cross training program that draws close comparisons to boot camp, and it is multi-beneficial.

"I would say that Crossfit is an inclusive strength and conditioning program that incorporates variety, intensity and functional movements to improve all measurement of fitness," said Kevin Gossett, co-owner of C.C. Crossfit.

Gossett said that means someone training with a specific fitness goal in mind should reach their goal, and then some.

"Whether you have a high school athlete wanting to improve speed and strength; a middle-ager wanting to improve body composition; an older adult wanting balance and bone density; everyone will see improvements in what they're looking for," Gossett said. "But they'll also cross the spectrum so they get the benefits they don't necessarily look for, but will appreciate."

Gossett pointed out that the disadvantage of traditional training programs is the separation of certain aspects of exercise.

"You have to do strength today. Tomorrow you have to do your cardio. Whereas Crossfit brings everything together in one realm, one workout," Gossett said.

The average Crossfit workout, including warm up and cool down, is 40-45 minutes.   People of all fitness levels are encouraged to try Crossfit.

"If this is too intense, they can walk the feet back and work here, and if they need more intensity, they begin to walk the feet forward," Gossett said. "Everybody does the same workout, but what you do is scale it to your ability."


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