It's Time Texas: June 20, 2012

Latchkey Summer Camp offers Coastal Bend parents a chance to continue their child's education even though school is out, continuing to nurture each student mentally and physically.

The theme for this year's Latchkey Summer Camp is "superheroes." Every camper, ages five through 13, understands that these incredible characters need to exercise their brains and bodies everyday to be healthy and fit.

"I do pushups at home so I can get strong," camper Ian said.

"You get to have field trips, get to go swimming, and there's dance class, science, sports," camper Liam said.

Brittany Deleon, the camp coordinator at Blanche Moore Elementary, explained that campers are doing something different every hour, and she is responsible for eight one-week sessions.

"We want them to go home and tell their parents, 'Look at what I made. Look at what I learned. Look what I did,'" Deleon said. "So that way they feel like they accomplished something the entire summer."

Camp runs roughly 10 hours everyday, Monday through Friday, while parents are at work. In order to last that long, every camper must fuel up. Nutrition and health are key components at latchkey camp. They are lessons taught during lunch and especially at snack time.

"We tell them we eat our fruit and vegetables so we can go outside and play," Deleon said. "We drink the water so we can go out and play."

When nine-year old Liam is not learning the latest dance moves, he is thinking about his favorite superhero: Superman. Seven-year old Ian wants to be a Power Ranger, but mostly looks up to Iron Man.

Bella's favorite superhero stopped her teachers in their tracks. The five-year old, who loves dance and the color pink, says no one can top her "mommy."

"Because she is a grown up and I love her," Bella said.

At the end of the day, teachers hope the lessons learned at camp stay with these children throughout their lives.

There are plenty of spaces open for Latchkey Summer Camp, and the cost is about $80 a week. However, scholarship opportunities are available. For more information, or to sign a child up for the camp, call 361-826-3499.


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