It's Time Texas: Starting Your Day with a Proper Breakfast

Starting the day off right requires the right fuel. During this edition of It's Time Texas, John Thomas shows us how to get going with a proper breakfast.

All breakfasts are not created equal.

"The worst thing you can do at breakfast is having foods that are very high in sugar," Registered Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick stresses the importance of eating something before your day begins. However, do not start with bad food choices such as donuts or danishes.

"That increases our blood sugar and our insulin, and then drops it down very rapidly, and that whole movement of our blood sugar makes us hungrier quicker," Kirkpatrick said. "We're less satisfied. We have more cravings."

Too much sugar in the morning will start a battle by your body to get your blood-sugar levels back up, she said. Instead, Kirkpatrick suggests high-protein food, such as egg whites.

Eggs are associated with weight loss and increasing muscle as well, because it's such a great source of lean protein and it only has 80 calories," Kirkpatrick said. "So it's a great thing to have."

Kirkpatrick added that whole grain toast, bagels or cereal are good options, too. Throw in some fresh strawberries, blueberries or bananas for added flavor and natural sugars and fiber.

"A whole-grain English muffin gives you those complex carbohydrates with fiber," Kirkpatrick said. "That fiber helps to fill you up. So, you can go many hours before you need to eat again after breakfast."

You can always combine egg with whole-grain bread to make a sandwich. Kirkpatrick said to add a little pepper for good measure. A recent study shows black pepper has a compound that blocks the formation of fat cells.


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