It's Time Texas: Strengthening Your Core

Much of the hard work we do throughout the day can be eased with a healthy, solid core.

In this edition of It's Time Texas, John Thomas shows us some creative ways to strengthen your midsection.

Meet three Corpus Christi people who are done with normal workout routines.

"I was looking for that change," Alecia Peck said. "I hit a plateau."

"This helps you find your limit, your failures, and it lets you push past them," Lorenzo Ortiz said.

Trainer Guy Seaman says his focus is high intensity functional training.

"Max intensity, to get their heart rate up there," Seaman said. "It increases the endurance in their body. It increases body fat loss."

Seaman says the core should be a big focus of any training. Techniques such as the tire drill, rope swing and TRX training, also known as cable training, quickly change what the body is used to and wear you out.

"I love it though," Seaman said.  it gives me energy through the day.>

Seaman, a former Marine who served one tour in Iraq, says cardio is great before, during and after high-intensity training.

"The lean muscle is increasing and your body fat is going down," Seaman said. "That is what I want to see, because that means you are a healthier individual."

"Anybody can do this," Perez said. "You just need to put your mind into it. I mean, I have two kids and look at me. I'm here doing this."

As with any exercise, consult your physician first.


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