It's Time Texas: Suspension Training

TRX, or suspension training, is a workout craze gaining momentum across the U.S. Here in South Texas, you might be hard pressed to find a gym that offers classes or instructors.

It's a system of ropes and webbing to strengthen and condition your body, and it is called suspension training. In some circles, it is referred to as TRX training, or Inkaflexx in South America, or Aerosling in Germany.

They all involve hanging, and many say it is challenging.

"This is completely different, because you're using your whole bodyweight to fight," Alex Cunha said.

"I'm sure tomorrow when I wake up, I'm going to feel the soreness, and think I worked hard," Erica Beall said.

Men and women both young and old use their bodyweight as resistance. Instructor Bethany Fawkes said you will work muscles you never knew you had.

"So it's more functional and similar to how you move in everyday living," Fawkes said. "In everyday living, you are never just using one muscle by itself. So if you're picking a pen off the floor, it's not just going to be your hand that's working. It's your whole body."

Suspension training allows for complete ranges of motion. The goal is to work your core. Joint and muscular stability also improve, according to Fawkes.

Classes last about an hour, and there are no breaks.

While most people benefit from suspension training, some sports scientists say users with poor core strength should speak with their doctor first.


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