It's Time Texas: Unwanted Holiday Weight

With temperatures eventually going to go down here in South Texas, the chances of gaining weight may go up.

Grab a plate and fill it with all the foods you love. That is what most of us do during the holiday season. Unfortunately, most of us stack on a few extra unwanted pounds.

"So, coming home and having your heavy stews, and having your cream soups to warm up after a long, cold day, is only going to add extra calories when you're eating the lighter foods during the summer months," Registered Dietician Carolyn Snyder said.

Snyder said many of our fall favorites are starchier, like corn, or packed with calories, like cider and pumpkin pie.

"Our activity level declines during the winter months, typically," Snyder said. "So with the higher carb intake and the lesser activity, we do come out a few pounds heavier when the spring arrives."

So, Snyder says to pay attention to how much you are eating now and through the winter to keep the fat and calorie count down. She added that you can also alter your recipes a little.

"It's easy to modify the fat content in the cream soups if you just change to a skim milk," Snyder said. "If you're using less-starchy vegetables. If you're using a fat-free stock. So, you can still enjoy all of your fall foods. You just have to be mindful that those calories are going to stay with you over the winter months."

Snyder said you also have to figure out a way to stay active, no matter how cold it gets outside.


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