Jurors Find Dennis, Chasity Longbine Not Guilty of Murder

Chasity and Dennis Longbine, the father and daughter accused of shooting and killing 30-year old Jesse Quintanilla back in May of 2012, were found not guilty on charges of murder Thursday morning.

The jury of four women and eight men began deliberations Wednesday, deciding whether the shooting was a case of self defense or cold blooded murder. The defense maintained throughout the trial that Quintanilla was abusive and that Chasity Longbine was defending herself. Prosecutors, however, said that Quintanilla was fleeing and was shot in the back.

Ultimately, the jury was convinced that Chasity and Dennis Longbine did act in self defense when they shot Quintanilla seven times.

According to the Longbine's lawyers, the pair are hoping to expunge the charges from their records and then move on with their lives.


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