King High School Student Arrested for Writing on Bathroom Stall

A King High School junior is facing felony charges and was still behind bars as of Friday evening, all for writing his band's name on a bathroom wall on campus.

School administrators said the student broke a state law, which specifically makes it illegal for students to use a permanent pen for that kind of vandalism.

The student was caught red-handed on Thursday. According to family members, Sage Leal was writing his band's name on a bathroom stall. Leal's mother, Darla Rabb, said her son is a good student and she believes the situation could have been handled differently.

"I am not saying that he was right, but to charge him with a felony at 17 years old, and expelling him from school?" Rabb said.

A faculty member happened to be in the bathroom and caught Leal in the act. Corpus Christi Independent School District police arrested Leal and took him to the Nueces County Jail, where he faces a state jail felony charge.

According to school officials, Leal broke a state law by writing graffiti in a public building. The state considers it writing graffiti since it was written in permanent marker.

Parents had a lot to say about the situation.

"That kid is now going to have a record. For what? Doing something that I don't know how many of us did as kids," parent Linda Annis said.

"It seems a little harsh. I guess they should have tried within the school itself," parent Michael Gomez said. "Maybe in the office like they used to in the good old days."

"I think that they need to be punished. Not that drastic, but they need to do something," parent Daniel Blohn said. "It's awful to do that."

A law was put into effect in 1997 that states any graffiti on a school or college is considered a state jail felony. Leal's bond has been set at $5,000, and he was expected to be released Friday evening.


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