Kingsville Couple Loses Everything in House Fire

A husband and wife in Kingsville are in need of some help, after a fire destroyed their home and everything inside over the weekend.

The fire, which broke out on West Lee Avenue in Kingsville, also took the lives of four of their pets; three cats and a poodle.

Elizabeth Jones and Michael Watson said they tried to save their, but were not able to. Fortunately, one of their cats and three of their dogs did survive.

It was around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday when the couple awoke from their sleep and knew something was wrong. Once they realized the house was on fire, they jumped out of a couple of windows.

The couple said their only possession that survived the fire is an American flag that Watson has had since he was seven years old. It was the flag that was draped over his father's casket. He died serving in the US Navy.

They also found something else.

"I'm holding a heart-shaped piece of metal that was found in my garage when we were cleaning in there yesterday, and somehow this just melted that way," Jones said. "I cleaned it up and it's a heart, and it has an 'S' embedded in it, and that was, my little poodle's name was Sassy, and she was killed in the fire."

Jones said she plans on turning that into a necklace, and putting the date of the fire on it.

The couple said their home was completely paid for, but now they have nothing left. They did not have insurance. They said even the clothes they were wearing on Monday were provided to them from the American Red Cross. So now, they are starting over.

If you would like to help this couple, you can reach them at 361-522-5908.


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