Kingsville Drug Seizure Believed to be Related to Cartels

A Florida man was arrested Wednesday night after Kingsville authorities found drugs and cash hidden inside his truck during a stop on Highway 77 at County Road 2150.

The Kingsville Specialized Crimes and Narcotics Task Force stopped the man for speeding, and once they began questioning him, they knew something was up.

On Thursday, the task force laid out the $206,000 in cash and two kilos of cocaine they found. Investigators said it was all stashed in a secret compartment on the side of the three-car hauler that officers stopped. The man arrested was 25-year old Carlos Reyes, from Belle Glade, Florida.

The task force also said he has been in trouble for running drugs before, and they believe he was working for one of the Mexican drug cartels.

"The cartels have gotten to the point where they are breaking up their merchandise just like this, and it creates more product for them," said Assistant Commander Ken Starrs of the Kingsville Narcotics Task Force. "It also creates a safer transport for them, because they lose $206,000. It's not like losing a million, so the cartels are starting to do that, and we think there is that connection."

Officers said that Reyes is facing several charges, one for having the cocaine and another for money laundering. There is a possibility that the case could land in a federal court if government officials agree to take on the case.
One thing investigators cannot figure out is why Reyes was headed south toward the border with the drugs and cash. They don't think they will find out the answer because Reyes won't talk.


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