Kingsville ISD Board Member Rudy Macareno Sentenced

The punishment phase in the trial of Kingsville Independent School District board member Rudy Macareno wrapped up shortly after noon Friday.

Macareno was sentenced to 10 years probation on a count of indecency with a child, and 16 years in prison on a count of aggravated sexual assault with a child. Both sentences will be served concurrently, meaning his probation time will be served during his stay in prison.

A Kleberg County jury gave the guilty verdict on both counts Thursday after nearly two days of deliberations and facing deadlock in regards to the count of aggravated sexual assault with a child.

Macareno was accused of having improper relations with a six-year old girl.

District Attorney John Hubert said he is extremely pleased with the outcome of the trial, as well as the sentence. Others told him that the state wouldn't be able to try the case in Kleberg County, and that they couldn't get a jury -- and even if they did get a jury, there was no way anybody was going to get a conviction -- but Hubert said he thinks those voices were selling the jury short.

"I'm extremely proud of the jury. They looked at all the evidence, they deliberated for a long time and they came to a just result in this case," Hubert said. "You can tell they took their oath extremely serious, and they came back with a verdict that was equitable, and that's quite honestly good for the victims."

A big surprise to Hubert was that Macareno confessed to the crimes during the punishment phase of the trial. Hubert said he had never believed Macareno would actually confess.

For the entire duration of his trial, Macareno was still a member of the Kingsville ISD Board of Trustees. He chose not to resign back in 2013 when allegations first surfaced against him. However, he wrote a letter of resignation and sent it to the school board Friday morning.

The Kingsville ISD board will meet Friday, March 14, to discuss how to go about filling the new vacancy. They can either appoint a new trustee, or they can order a special election.


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