Kingsville Police Arrest Woman for Making Threats to Daycare

Kingsville police arrested a 29-year old woman on charges of making terroristic threats to employees at a daycare center Wednesday morning.

According to the Kingsville Police Department, Lisa Wood threatened the Methodist Child Development Center, on 4th Street and Yoakum Avenue, saying that she would return with a gun and shoot people after an argument ensued.

The daycare center was placed on lockdown and they contacted the Kingsville Police Department.

Officers were able to locate Wood a few blocks away from the daycare center, and she was arrested without incident. According to police, she was not armed at the time of her arrest.

In a press release from the Kingsville Police Department, Police Chief Ricardo Torres said, "The Kingsville Police Department and our partner agencies in the community are working together to ensure that threats like these are responded to quickly, the cases investigated thoroughly and law enforcement will follow through and seek the most severe punishments in the court system for anyone threatening to commit or who commits violent acts against our children or those who supervise them."

Travis Solomon, board chairman of First United Methodist Church Child Development Center, said that the threats were not made specifically toward any employees, but that those threats were not taken lightly.

"I just wanted to clarify to not scare the parents. We don't need the parents feeling like their children are unsafe," Solomon said. "We just didn't want to take any threats lightly, in lieu of the shootings in Connecticut."

Although Wood is already in police custody and has been booked into the Kleberg County Jail, Solomon said that the school will remain on lockdown throughout the rest of the day, but merely as a precaution. Parents will be allowed to pick up their kids throughout the day, but will be asked to show ID.

As of this report, bond has not been set for Wood, who now faces charges of making a terroristic threat, which is a third-degree felony.


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