Kingsville Police Reviewing Pursuit Policy After Officer Flips Vehicle

An accident involving a Kingsville police officer last Wednesday night, in which the officer flipped his vehicle into a ditch during a pursuit, may have a far reaching impact.

The chase began within the Kingsville city limits, near Business 77, and ended on private property about five miles outside Kingsville. A secondary officer that was actually going to assist a primary officer, who was up ahead on the pursuit, came to a dip in the road and was traveling at a speed that was unsafe for the conditions. He lost control and ended up in a ditch.

"You can see some skid marks. You can see where it goes up there, narrowly missed that telephone pole," Kingsville Police Chief Ricardo Torres said. "Actually what happened is the front end actually dug into the ground, and actually caused the vehicle to flip end over end."

Fortunately, the officer did not crash into a nearby pole or tree, and instead west past both into the ditch. There was still debris at the scene on Monday.

Chief Torres said the officer was wearing his safety belt, and survived with only bumps and bruises, and no broken bones. He should be back at work soon. The chief also said he doesn't know just how fast the officer was driving when his vehicle flipped.

"Every time we have one of these pursuits, we go ahead and we review our pursuit policy, as we're doing again with this incident," Torres said. "At what point do we make those changes, each time it's a little bit different, so that is a possibility that we might change our pursuit policy regarding these things, but we haven't finalized that at this time."

Torres said the pursuit started when a pickup truck made a traffic violation. Police later apprehended four illegal immigrants that were being transported in the bed of the truck. The chief said the officer that flipped his vehicle was trying to catch up to another officer pursuing that pickup truck. The officer that flipped was supposed to deploy spikes to stop the pickup truck being pursued.

The chief said Kingsville is in a choke point, where if you want to get past Kingsville, you have to drive through Kingsville, so anyone moving drugs or illegal immigrants north has to go through Kingsville. The chief has a standing order to spike if vehicles are coming.


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