Local Attorney Seeks Injunction from GM to Park Defective Vehicles

Attorneys presented their cases at the federal courthouse Friday in a hearing regarding some faulty ignition problems that have plagued General Motors cars for several years.

The hearing follows several days of testimony on Capitol Hill about the problem from representatives of GM. Local Attorney Bob Hilliard is asking a federal judge to request a mandatory injunction that would require GM to seek an immediate "park it now" ruling for the drivers of its 2.2 million recalled vehicles.

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva attended the hearing and went Live from the federal courthouse with the details.

The issue surrounds a defective ignition switch that reportedly causes the key to move from the on position to the auxiliary/accessory position, turning the car off. GM said if drivers don't put any additional weight on the key chain, and only enter the key into the ignition, they should be safe and fine.

That is what their CEO has testified to Congress in Washington, but the plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue differently, pointing to a recall letter GM issued saying, if drivers encounter jarring impact events or rough road conditions, then they could be at risk.

That's why a local attorney for the plaintiffs is asking the district court judge to issue an emergency mandatory injunction that would park all effected cars with the defect. He says if that doesn't happen, more people will die and be injured.

3News tried to speak with the attorneys for GM after the hearing, but they had no comment.

Inside the courtroom, they argued that the plaintiffs have no legal standing to seek an injunction on behalf of the general public at large. They also argue that the vehicles are safe if drivers follow directions and do not add any additional keys or weight to their key chain.

The judge did not issue a ruling on Friday. She said she will review the briefs and replies filed on both sides before issuing a ruling.


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