Local Attorney Takes Case of 13-Year Old Who Died from Fire Ant Bites

Legal action over the death of 13-year old Cameron Espinosa, who died after suffering an allergic reactions to fire ants that bit him last week, could be coming.

The Haas Middle School football player died early Monday after being bitten by fire ants during a game last week on the school's playing field. The family has engaged local Attorney Thomas J. Henry to represent them.

"The family, first and foremost, wants to look at and examine these issues so that it never happens to someone else's child," Henry said.

Henry said that the family sought out his help last week before the 13-year old passed away, adding that the Espinosas want answers for all parents.

"The parents have a deep concern over what types of policies and procedures are in place at the school district regarding one, responding to emergencies when children are at school; how the football fields are maintained; how pests like ants and insects are viewed by the school; what types of maintenance contracts they have," Henry said. "So I've been hired to investigate these issues and determine whether or not various individuals, companies or the school district has responsibility for this very, very unfortunate death."

Henry said he expects his investigation to take some time before any other action might begin.

The Corpus Christi Independent School District said the field was checked in August before the heavy rains. They have not provided any response regarding any changes to the procedure on how the fields are check and prepared.


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