Local Blood Center Sends Blood Supply to West, Texas

As is the case after every major disaster, a call for blood donations goes out. The explosion in West, Texas, is no exception.

"I'm a retired firefighter, so it hit me pretty hard," blood donor Sam Sandoval said. "I've seen stuff like that, you know. It's sad. Both the Boston thing and the West, Texas, thing."

"I've been donating for several years, and I just feel it's just a way to do some good and give of yourself to those who need it," blood donor Howard Shaver said.

Donors began showing up at the Coastal Bend Blood Center bright and early Thursday morning. While most make it routine to give the gift of life, every one of them told us they hope their donation will help the folks in West, Texas.

The Blood Center already sent a large supply of needed blood products to the affected area. Now they are hoping to replenish their own supplies.

"We're encouraging people to give blood because we're trying to replenish what we have sent to West, Texas," said Leticia Mondragon of the Coastal Bend Blood Center. "So we definitely encourage people to give the gift of life and donate blood."

The Blood Center is in need of type A-B and type O donors.


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