Local Business Owner Hopes to Revitalize a Section of Ayers

      A fairly new business owner says she wants to see change to the area of Ayers that connects Del Mar College to the hospital district and Ocean Drive.
     Her name is Amy Felan and she says she's willing to do the work and make that change happen.  Felan who owns Cactus & Vine told 3 News, "I don't think it should take a 30 million dollar project to move this neighborhood.  I think it starts with one biz and I am that biz."
     She says she would like to see the neighborhood look better.  The area she's talking about is a section of Ayers that is near the old Butter Krust Bakery.  It's an area that in the last few decades has seen some rough days.
     Resident Elizabeth Kempski said, "there was one vacant house beside me on the other side of the street gangs lived there at various times."
     Despite the obstacles, Elizabeth Kempski has stayed, living in this neighborhood for the last 20 years.  "I'd love to see the bakery get turned into something nice.  I think that would really revitalize the neighborhood you have to have people who have a stake in the community"
     No one's had more of a stake in this neighborhood than Guadalupe Banda Deason who is the owner of Banda's Nursery.  He said, "a lot of people came you know teachers and kids to Butter Krust and sometimes they come over here and see the plants and buy some plants."
     Her business has been in the same spot for 39 years.  She said, "yes, I want the area to you know pick up make some more biz."
     Chad Magil is the councilman for this Ayers corridor.
Reporter, "do you know what happened to this neighborhood?"
Magil replied, "as you look at the evolution of cities, you see the flight of retail downtown used to be our core and now it's moved to Staples."
     The flight to the southside he says is in part responsible for the neglect and that change *is coming, but that what's taken over 30 years to do can't be undone in a rush.
Magil said, "it begins with the people deciding they want their neighborhood to be a better place to live work and play."


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