Local Family Warns about Drug Trafficking Facebook Page

"We might not be able to stop the link, but at least have parents aware that this is out there because we had no idea."

This mom and dad didn't know. Neither do many families in the Coastal Bend. That on Facebook, there are numerous pages where kids are blatantly ordering drugs.

"Who has 'G's.' And I'm assuming 'G's is grams for five dollars of some good and could deliver. Let me know. So, you know it's that easy."

It's so easy, so accessible, their son, a 15-year-old became addicted to K2 and would place orders via a Facebook page. The drugs would come to their door and they didn't know.

"There were times we'd hear the door open and he'd tell us it was nothing. I was checking the temperature outside, but it was somebody delivering to him."

In the last two weeks they say their son drastically change.

"We had to take matters into our own hands and place him into rehab. And that's the hardest thing as a parent that you have to do; to a 15-year-old. And he looks at you in the face and says I hate you for this."

The family has asked we blur their faces to protect their son, but they wanted to talk

so that more parents are aware. We talked with CCPD about these drug pages and they say they know about them. They know who created them, they know who the people that are posting on these pages and are keeping tabs on them.

"Our fear is were trying everything to get him better, then we'll come home and get a text or message saying 'Guess what I got?'"


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