Local Gun Shop Owner Supports Gun Laws

One local gun shop owner and National Rifle Association member said we do need better gun control laws.

Phil Smith owns Smith's Gun Shop in the Village Shopping Center on Alameda. He has owned the business for more than 30 years, and said that, these days, he does not have a lot of guns on display because he's sold nearly all of them, and can't get any more.

It is a direct result of some who fear of a government crackdown and buying before the guns become illegal.

On Wednesday, the president proposed some 23 additional gun control measures that could be passed through executive order.

"If 10 rounds ain't enough, you better be doing something else. Either that or running like hell," Smith said. "If you don't get a deer in your first shot, you're not going to get it unless you're a bigger shot, or bigger liar than I am."

Smith also said that, in California, gun buyers there can only purchase ten-clip magazines. That removes five bullets from the standard clip.

Smith also believes we need one good universal gun law that would be followed in every state.


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