Local Man Arrested After Robbing Texas Champion Bank

An accused bank robber said severe financial problems and the threat of eviction led to his decision to hold up the Texas Champion Bank at Ayers and Gollihar on Monday.

Vernon Tolmie, 52, walked into the Texas Champion Bank at around 10:15 a.m., handing the teller a note and saying that he had a gun and wanted money. He took off down the street and changed his clothes before running across the street to a taqueria, where he had a gordita and coffee, and left a $2 tip for the waitress.

That's when police closed in on him and made the capture.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson managed to talk with Tolmie right after his arrest, as he sat in the back of the police cruiser on his way to jail.

"I saw no other way out," Tolmie said. "I had an opportunity to make some money last week, and I didn't. We're facing eviction because of my stupid mistakes. All I can tell is, all those who knew me, I'm sorry for being a piece of crap."

Police said there is never a good excuse to commit a crime like this.

"It's sad, if nothing else," said Captain Jason Brady of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "There are a multitude of ways to gain employment, or gain finances. Never is there an excuse to commit a robbery."

Tolmie seemed to be having severe financial problems. Monday morning, he thought of robbing a bank, and did just that.

"My credit is so shot. I have burned too many bridges with my credit. I had everything going for myself," Tolmie said. "I had everything going for myself and I became a loser, real quick, and it can happen to anybody."

To see the entire interview with Vernon Tolmie, click here.


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