Local Optometrists Receive Device that Can Predict Diabetes

There's a new medical device that can help you stay safe from developing diabetes, and its located right in the upper level of La Palmera Mall.

At the offices of Drs. McIntyre, Garza, Avila and Jurica O.D. in La Palmera Mall, new technology has been added that can detect if you will develop diabetes in the next several years.

The equipment is called the Clear Path Diabetes Screener, and it measures the sugar accumulation inside the lens of the eye.

"We can take a photograph of that and it gives us a readout, and it will tell us the prediction of developing diabetes within the next seven years," Dr. Jurica said.

Jurica said that if they detect diabetes, they can let the patient know what's to come in their future, that way the patient can make a lifestyle change.

"Lower that blood sugar. Get on a good diabetes exercise regiment. Get on a good diet," Jurica said. "Go see the eye doctor every year so we can check for that."

The doctors said it is the only machine in Texas that can check for diabetes in the future, and the cost of a screening is just $10.


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