Local Party Leaders Getting Out the Early Votes

With election day now about 96 hours away, candidates from both parties are pulling out all the stops to get the early votes.

For the past 11 days, folks in Nueces County have stood in line to cast their ballots. Each party has its own way of getting out the vote. While they do share some similarities, there are stark contrasts among each that clearly separates them. Creativity, though, abounds among both.

"Been out there knocking on doors," Democratic Party Chair Joseph Ramirez said. "We've been phone banking every single day for the last two months, and we've reached tens of thousands of homes throughout Nueces County."

"We have done everything from taking voting information to the voters," Republican Party Chair Kimberly Curtis said. "We cover 4,000 homes in one day, and we continue to block walk leading up to voting day."

The party chairs, Democrat and Republican, have their work cut out for them. For the next 24 hours, while the early voting polls remain open, they will be busy doing what it takes to make sure every eligible registered voter votes, or is at least informed of the candidates and the issues.

So far, close to 50,000 early ballots have been cast, keeping pace with the last presidential election of 2008; but the County Elections folks believe those numbers could actually surpass that election year, and that, say the party chairs, is exactly what they're hoping for.

"The thing is to let people know that there is an election going on, and we have seen an increase from 2010 and 2008," Ramirez said. "We've seen an increase in the voter turnout in Nueces County and we're excited about it."

"We want to encourage people to take that excitement from the rallys, from meeting us on block walking adventures, to the voting booth and get that vote out," Curtis said.


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