Local School District Stresses Importance of Security

Twenty-seven people were killed Friday in a mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn. elementary school. 20 of those victims were children, making it the worst shooting ever at an American Elementary School.

The shooter, 20-year old Adam Lanza, took his own life following the shooting spree.

President Barack Obama was clearly fighting his own emotions as he talked about what happened Friday afternoon.

Reaction here at home has been swift. After word of the Connecticut shooting emerged, the Corpus Christi Independent School District sent out more than 40,000 automated calls to parents. Superintendent Scott Elliff wanted to assure parents that their children are safe.

The notification system is a relatively new tool to get the word out to principals, teachers and parents of urgent news, and on Friday, it worked exactly as it should have, assuring everyone our schools are safe.

"We will be meeting to talk again about, over the next few days, about the procedures that we have in place," Elliff said. "Seeing if there's anything that we need to tweak or remind people of. But as I said, we do have these established procedures for checking in. We have common practices around locking classroom doors that open to the outside. We have our lockdown procedures when incidents occur around the neighborhood. So we'll continue to remind our school leaders of those procedures, and direct them to follow them closely."

Mrs. Dianne Moore is the Principal of Berlanga Elementary, one of the newer schools in the CCISD, and one of the most secure. She said that the school has taken extraordinary measures to make sure security is kept on top in mind.

"We have many entrance doors," Moore said. "You have a badge on so we know who you are."

Ray McMurrey, the head of the Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers Union said lawmakers need to do more to make our schools safer.

"You know, many times when we want to push this security, it is going to cost a little bit, but you know, our kids are worth it," McMurrey said.

What the superintendent and educators say is that safety at all campuses comes first, and so do our children.


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