Local Woman Makes Ribbons in Remembrance of West Firefighters

Monday marks the two-month anniversary of the devastating explosion in the small town of West, Texas, where the clean up process is still ongoing.

The disaster hit especially close to home for Susan Curtis, a local resident who has ties to West. She grew up just outside of Gatesville, Texas, which is 50 miles away from West. She moved to Corpus Christi in the last couple of years.

However, before moving to Corpus Christi, she spend many years in West, and in that time she got to know many of those volunteering with their local fire department, including some of those that lost their lives in the explosion.

Curtis was inspired to create ribbons in their memory. She hopes the small tokens will inspire others to take a moment and remember those that perished while volunteering to help others.

"I always remember faces. It hit very close to home when you recognize faces," Curtis said. "I was in West a lot."

Curtis sent 150 of the ribbons to the firefighters in West. She also made 400 ribbons for our local firefighters, so that they can remember their brothers from up north.


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