Justice for MyKayla; Victim's family makes outcry for justice

A timeline of events following a fatal crash that claimed the life of 11 year old MyKayla Recio.

"Justice for MyKayla" was the phrase repeated at a benefit for an 11 year old girl who was killed almost a week ago due to a fatal rollover accident.

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIIINEWS) - "Justice for MyKayla" was the phrase repeated at a benefit for an 11 year old girl who was killed almost a week ago due to a fatal rollover accident.

For the second time in a week, the family of MyKayla Recio gathered Friday morning to raise funds for her burial service.

Mykayla Recio was one of several passengers ejected from an SUV Saturday last week on the Crosstown Expressway near the S.P.I.D. interchange around 9:00 pm that evening.

The crash also caused injuries to a toddler and other teenagers who were thrown from the accident.
Corpus Christi police arrived at the scene and evaluated that it was a fatal accident and that three men had fled from the scene of the crash.
Sadly, officers discovered that one of the children, 11-year old MyKayla Recio, had died from injuries sustained from the crash.
Fast-forward to Friday's benefit, 3 News talked with Julianne Garcia who says she was inside the SUV when it rolled over that fateful night. Garcia says that MyKayla was not wearing a seatbelt and that nine people were also packed inside. When we asked Garcia if she remembered anything before the crash or the driver she said, "he was swerving and the he hit the railing and the car flipped."

Two days after the fatal accident....a press conference was held Monday afternoon. Captain Donald Moore with the Corpus Christi police department announced they were looking for 22 year old Bruce Garcia, and the driver 28 year old Michael Ramon, and another man who was later contacted by police.
MyKayla's mother, Jennifer Recio, spoke with 3 News Monday evening after police released details of the crash. From that interview, we learned Mykayla was Jennifer's only daughter. We also discovered that MyKayla was celebrating her birthday with her friends, turning 11 years old a week before the fatal accident....MyKayla's last words to her mother, "mommy goodnight I love you."

Back to the criminal investigation, Bruce Garcia was tracked down by detectives with the Corpus Christi police department after police received anonymous tips upon his whereabouts.
And as of Friday evening, Ramon is still outstanding and is wanted in connection to the fatal crash.
Meanwhile, MyKayla's mother and family pleaded along with members of the public, to help report where Ramon is to police.

The family crying out, "Justice for MyKayla."
(Funeral services for MyKayla are set for Tuesday, September 20th, 2016, at the Corpus Christi Funeral Home)


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