Local law firm to represent church bus crash victim

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - A law firm in Corpus Christi was recommended to represent a victim of the March 30 San Antonio bus crash where a pickup truck driver veered into a bus, killing 13 people.
The lawsuit has not been officially filed yet, but the firm is investigating all the facts and believes they have a solid case against not only the pickup truck driver, but one of the makers of the bus.
Local Attorney Craig Sico said the crash was nothing short of horrible, and while they feel they already have a strong case against the pickup truck driver, they are still investigating who may be liable for the bus or van not being properly equipped.
Sico is representing 87-year-old Mildred Rosamond, who was one of the 13 victims that died in that church van.
According to Sico, police have already determined the 20-year-old driver was texting and on some kind of medication at the time of the crash, but what specific drugs or medications is still under investigation. While a case against the driver seems clear as to causing the crash, what caused the horrific injuries and deaths may be something different.
Sico said all seats in that van except the driver and front passenger had lap seat belts only, and said had those seatbelts also had a shoulder harness for across the body, deaths may have been prevented.
The law firm said they know Ford is the maker of the van, but Turtle Top Manufacturing had converted the van so it was able to accommodate more passengers. So right now, the law firm is trying to piece together which company had ownership of the van at the time of the crash, and may have been liable for those seatbelts.
Sico said if they do believe they have a solid case against both the truck driver and one or both of the companies involved in the make of the van, they expect to file one or multuple lawsuits in the next seven to 10 days.

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