Military Matters: Helping Veterans Return to Work

Military Matters: Helping Veterans Return to the Workforce

Did you know over one thousand veterans make a transition from the military to the civilian world every week across the country and of these, only 100 have jobs waiting for them. In this installment of our Military Matters Report, we are taking a look at resources that are offered here at home to help veterans get back into the workforce. Take for example, Iraq War Veteran Jack Stanley who's job search began even before his departure from the military. When he got back on American soil and with still no job lined up, he turned to Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend for help.

Stanley said, "they helped me to tweak my resume and also had a workshop to prepare me to go about and apply for jobs."

In partnership with the Texas Veterans Commission, Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend helps veterans and their families enter or return to the workforce by providing them with "priority of services." Whether a veteran left the armed forces 10 days ago or 10 years ago, their employment needs receive immediate attention. Monika De La Garza with Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend said, "in honor of our heroes at home we offer several different employment programs and services that are available to them as well as some of the spouses of some of the veterans."

Vietnam Veteran Richard Cavada also turned to Workforce Solutions when he was laid off in 2012. Richard told 3 News, "it made me realize I'm not only qualified but I'm the best and that was stressed during the training mission. I came out of there excited and gung-ho as the Army would say."

Richard was hired, and says he was proud that he was hired because of the fact he was a veteran.

If you are a veteran in search of a job, there will be a job fair this Wednesday in the town of Fulton.

Over 15 area employers will be represented. The Coastal Bend Veterans Job Fair is being hosted by the group called Rockport for Veterans. It will be held on March 26th from 10am to 2pm at the Fulton Convention Center.


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