UPDATE: Apartment complex will permit resident to fly Texas flag from truck inside complex grounds

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - In response to a military veteran being told he could not display his Texas flag out in front of his Sugar Tree apartment, Sandalwood Regional Management, who owns Sugar Tree apartments, is clarifying that the resident can display his flag on his truck in the parking lot. 

The company reached out to KIII Saturday night just before the newscast, and was able to further clarify the situation Sunday morning

The company says that where the flag was placed before, in a bed of rocks in front of his apartment, is technically considered a common area where no flags or furniture are permitted. They say if they were to allow him to fly his Texas flag there, they would have to allow any other sort of flag or paraphernalia from any other resident, including those from what could be viewed as offensive organizations or countries. 

The company also says if he were to hang the flag from his porch and it stuck out past his covered porch area, that would also be a violation of the common area rule. 

Sandalwood regional management says they will permit him to display his Texas flag from his truck, inside the complex grounds. They add, they support his patriotism and passion as a Texan and American. 

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